Web Design »
Our web designs are individually tailored so each website we develop is unique and customised to your every need. More ...

Electric Bicycles »
So you've seen us riding about town & want to know more about our bikes? Here is the complete run-down of frequently asked questions, along with a comprehensive product review. More ...

²ºº³««KÏKW®Z»»²ºº³© »
Reanimated Residue is home to the original urban chatroom game phenomenon, KikWarz. Here are the champions. More ...

Scifi-Fanatics BOINC Teams »
Our deviantART Scifi-Fanatics community has a team at the SETI@home, Einstein@home, LHC@home, and QMC@home projects. Once you have an account at any of these projects, please feel welcome to join our team and have your credits counted toward our community total. You must join each team separately and you can only be a member of one team for each project - we would love it if you could join the 'Scifi Fanatics' team when you participate in any, or all, of these projects. Visit...

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Logos, website stamps, affiliate buttons, avatars and forum signatures. Help promote us! More ...

Education Portal

Home Schooling Portal »
The best collection of Free Home Schooling resources for Pre-K to Grade 12 students. More ...

Tutorials »
A variety of tutorials to help those undertaking studies in Further Education. Subjects covered include visual art, web design, computer basics, cultural theology, and more. More ...
Welcome to Reanimated Residue Multimedia Studios. With more than twenty years experience in visual art and graphic design, along with over 25 years in the information technology and audio engineering industries, Reanimated Residue offers extensive creative skills with exceptional attention to detail. Feel free to take a look around our website and please contact us if you have any inquiries.

Meet the team: About Us
PoizonMyst »
PoizonMyst is a freelance visual artist and graphic designer producing high quality illustrations and designs via a number of mediums including print, video, and website development. She has customised logos and promotional materials for a number of businesses and non-profit organisations, designed business and community websites, and created illustrations for print media. Visit ...
XtremeOverdrive »
XtremeOverdrive offers a number of her favourite flash games for your enjoyment. She has also acquired a natural talent in photography, and is developing her skills as an artist, writer, and musician. Visit ...

Triplets »
Three little girls and they all look the same. Can you tell which one is which? Check out their photographic portfolio on deviantART. Visit ...

Radio Residue

Welcome to the home of Radio Residue, hosted by Z3R0 and Ven. We offer an entertaining variety of quality radio and tv broadcasts for your enjoyment. Radio Residue is transmitted via StreamerP2P software direct to your Winamp. For more information, please read our FAQ about tuning-in to Radio Residue broadcasts.

Reanimated Studios »
How do we do it? Check out the studios which bring Radio Residue to your computer. More ...

Broadcast Events »
What's on at Radio Residue? We're not just about radio, you know. Discover the themes to our shows - there is something for everyone. More ...

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Current Projects Portfolio
Wikileaks Group »
Wikileaks-Group at deviantART. Anyone is welcome to browse the Wikileaks themed artwork by our gallery contributors, but you need to be a member of deviantART to join the club. Visit ...

Wiki Projects »
PoizonMyst's userpage at Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, links to wiki projects developed by our team at wikipedia, wikibooks, and wikiversity. Visit ...

Scifi Fanatics »
Science fiction entertainment fan-art group at deviantART. Anyone is welcome to browse the out-of-this-world artwork by our creative contributors, but you need to be a member of deviantART to join the club. Visit ...

The Note Museum »
Home to the first, and one of the world's best, software music synthesizer - Reality by SeerMusic Systems. Visit ...

News Desk

May 2012
General site maintenance - fixing dead links, layout issues etc. Created custom image for internet filter protest and changed link to better info website. Added Facebook Page and Youtube Channel links. Removed Forum link completely as we no longer plan to utilise a forum, instead concentrating our community interaction at Facebook. Todo: Update the homeschool photo gallery. Create 'Under Construction' pages for broken links on Homeschool portal. Update Homeschool Timetable. Update Homeschool and Tutorials resources. Create personal pages for Miss K and Master X. Create support banner for WikiLeaks/Assange/Manning. Update PoizonMyst Blog/BlogCritics Links. Add website mockup examples mini gallery to web design intro page. Create Wordpress for XtremeOverdrive. Update XtremeOverdrive personal pages. Homeschool subdomain link broken - tech support notified for fix. Currently using basic structure link.

September 2009
Wow, it's been a long time since an update of the site! Moved Tutorials out of Residuary and created new Education section. Added Home Schooling Portal. Emergency removal of Forum was made several months ago - no time to moderate usage ATM. Todo: Update Xtreme Overdrive site. Fix webdesign & broken links on PoizonMyst domain. Add website mockup examples mini gallery to web design intro page. Install Mediawiki software for tutorials section? Create Wordpress for Electronique blog. OMG sunnies needed - fix forum css! Create page for Scifi-Fanatics BOINC team on RR domain. Create admin CMS for Notemuseum.

September 2008
Restructured homepage layout. Installed phpbb3 forums. Todo: Fix webdesign & broken links on PoizonMyst domain. Add website mockup examples mini gallery to web design intro page. Install Mediawiki software for tutorials section. Install Wordpress for Electronique blog. OMG sunnies needed - fix forum css! Create page for Scifi-Fanatics BOINC team on RR domain. Create admin CMS for Notemuseum.

June 2008
Website is completely out-of-date. The forums have been wiped. Ive done the best I can to make the site at least functionally correct in the meantime (ie: removed dead links) until I have the time to fix it again. Also removed a number of links and images by request - hopefully the transition isn't too inconvienient for visitors. Todo: Fix the site!!

November 2007
Added PoizonMyst sub-domain and created web design pages including examples of optional extras. Added DYNO electric bicycle review. Added RR button to Promote Us. Todo: Add website mockup examples mini gallery to web design intro page. Create admin CMS for Notemuseum. Print Reanimated Residue stickers to decorate bicycle trailer. Paint DYNO battery cover black and decorate with RR sticker.

October 2007
Completely re-designed site to incorporate all main pages of the site on the homepage. Todo: Fix Residuary and Radio pages at deeper levels on the site to match new homepage design.

September 2007
Finished web design course so now have a bit of free time to spend working on the site. Changed layout of a few odds and ends around the site. Added flash page counter to home page and shoutbox to community page - both are slow but will do the job for now. Updated links on community page. Started work on new Reanimated Studios setup - new musical instruments, computers, and recording equipment purchased. Todo: Add homepage for PoizonMyst subdomain and fix main Art page. Locate flash shoutbox (now using Facebook) and counter that can run off the Reanimated Residue server. Set up new recording studio and take photos. Locate chromakey screen. Buy Shed.

March 2007
Fixed table and cell alignment of pages to make them uniform across the website (at least they are in IE - damn Firefox ... that browser is a web designer's nightmare!). Added funky Star Trek linebreak beneath navigation menu on all pages. Added link arrows. Removed stylised background images from all pages except the index. Added main pages and Under Construction notices for tutorials sections "Cultural Theology" and "Visual Arts". Added scroll to News Desk. Added News. Added RR "History" link and page. Removed redundant Radio Residue logos. Changed headings on Radio Residue "Broadcast Events" page to yellow so they don't look like the links on main pages. Completed My Stories section on the XtremeOverdrive website. Todo: Main pages for "Music Production" and "Art & Design" sections. Add information to new "History of RR" page. Create database and admin section for News Desk so that additions and editing can be done via the website instead of to the HTML code. Work on Blog section of the XtremeOverdrive website. Complete games section of the XtremeOverdrive website.

February 2007
Added "More..." and "Visit..." links at end of descriptions. Added copy of original KikWarz page from RR MSN Groups. Closure of RR MSN Group. Added tutorials section to the Residuary. Added tutorials - "The Emotion of Shape", "The History of Computers", "Basic Computer Jargon", and "Basic Hardware Terminology". Added spiffy background tattoo images to index page and other pages for a trial run. Todo: Add main tute pages for Visual Arts and Cultural Theology. Place Under Construction notices.

January 2007
Added links to Reanimated Kids section. Completed initial work on XtremeOverdrive website, adding admin & database capabilities to the stories section, and a variety of flash games to the XO main page. Completed template work on Reanimated Residue forums. Todo: Final decision on forum categories. Copy original KikWarz page from RR MSN Group and host here. Find KikWarz page on Wayback Machine. Create Blog for XtremeOverdrive. Add HTML layout and database editing capabilities to XO Stories section.

December 2006
Began working on new generation revamp of Reanimated Residue website. Todo: Install forum. Create XtremeOverdrive website - must complete majority of XO site by start of first school term.

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